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Family Plot

Only through you,

do your loved ones live forever

Without personal stories, memories and photos, it seems many of our loved ones are simply defined by the small amounts of factual information that have survived the test of time. Unfortunately, government records do not give us insight into the life of those before us. We wanted to create a place to share all of the memories, stories, and pictures that were woven into the fabric our deceased loved one’s lives.

Our mission at Family Plot is to preserve and share the life story of our loved ones who have passed. Time has taken many of the stories and memories that personify those who are no longer with us. The most rewarding part of our research has been discovering and piecing together our loved one’s lives in old letters and journals and stories from others. In many ways, these personal details bring our loved ones back to life.

Help preserve the memories of your loved ones, no matter how small, to benefit our generation and those to come. Only through you, do your loved ones live forever.


Marcus Bedford
(1837 - 2018)